Gothenburg tours and excursions

Gothenburg tours

Aerial tours

Taking sightseeing to a dizzying vantage point, Northern Helicopters offer both city and coastal flights over Gothenburg. The urban option cruises over most of the city including Slottskogen (the city’s forest), Liseberg amusement park and the harbour, while on the extended coastal route head up to the island of Marstrand and back along the archipelago of Gothenburg.

Telephone: + 46 (031) 519 700.
Bus tours

Stromma offer either a hop-on, hop-off bus tour of Gothenburg or a full 50-minute, non-stop excursion around the city’s best sights. Double decker coaches pass the Avenyn shopping street, Feskekôrka fish market, Drottningtorget city gardens and Lilla Bommen, near the Opera House. Audio guides are available in English, Swedish, Danish, French, German, Norwegian and Spanish.

Telephone: (031) 609 670.
Classic car tours

With Gothenburg home to car manufacturer Volvo, there is no better way of seeing the city than from behind the wheel of a vintage Volvo PV. Tours last 1 hour 30 minute and focus on locations typical in 1950-70s Sweden. Best of all though, tourists have the opportunity to either drive themselves or sightsee from the passenger seat. English-speaking guides are available but must be requested in advance.

Telephone: (031) 720 2200.
Walking tours

While tours from Walknet digest the finest Gothenburg landmarks on foot, it’s the strides they take with their specialised routes that make them stand out. The more curious have the choice of exploring the city through its architecture, its cemeteries or its art and sculpture. Personalised tours are also available.

Telephone: (0720) 644 207.

Excursions from Gothenburg

Gothenburg's archipelago

Gothenburg's archipelago can be reached by tram from the city centre. Passenger boats go from Saltholmen to islands like Vrångö, Styrsö and Brännö, all of which offer great swimming and sunbathing opportunities. During the summer, excursion boats go to places like Vinga nature reserve, which has a small museum devoted to the composer and singer Evert Taube, and to the Brännö's quay at Husvik where there is traditional dancing along the pier.


Marstrand is a summer paradise on an island further north, 45km (28 miles) from Gothenburg. It offers great opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, sailing and dining, and the scenery is absolutely stunning. The mighty Carlsten fortress is one of the island's historical attractions. Lasse-Maja, Western Sweden's own Robin Hood, was incarcerated here in 1813, but was released after 25 years, allegedly because the king, Karl XIV Johan, was impressed with his cooking skills.

New Älvsborg Fortress

New Älfsborg Fortress, situated on an island in Gothenburg's harbour entrance, is worth a visit. It was built in the 17th century as part of the defence against the Danes and Norwegians, before later serving as a prison. Today it has a café and restaurant, and there are boat trips out to the island during the summer.

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