Getting around Gothenburg

Public transport

The public transport network in Gothenburg is excellent and easy to use, if occasionally a little slow. Västtrafik (tel: +46 771 414 300; is responsible for running the trams and buses.

You can buy single tickets onboard buses and trams, but you must use your bankcard; cash isn't accepted. You can also buy sms tickets on your mobile phone, but it's cheaper to use a pay-as-you-go smartcard, available online or at sales outlets across the city. Tourists can buy a one-day or three-day visitor card (available as a smartcard).

The Älvsnabben Ferry (!/reseinformation/tidtabeller/285-alvsnabben-goteborg/) runs every hour or half hour between Lilla Bommen, Rosenlund, Lindholmspiren, Slottsberget, Eriksberg and Klippan from early morning until late in the evening.


There are many taxi ranks throughout the city, but you can also hail them anywhere on the street. To book one, contact one of the licensed companies such as Taxi Göteborg (tel: +46 31 650 000) or Taxi Kurir (tel: +46 771 86 00 00).

Although they’re cheaper than the often eye-wateringly expensive taxis, minicabs (known locally as ‘svart taxis’) are unlicensed and should be avoided.


It might be the home of Volvo but driving in Gothenburg isn’t much of a joy. The ring roads are festooned with traffic lights and one-way systems, while the winding streets of the centre aren’t the easiest to navigate.

Parking, however, is easier and the city has plenty of clearly marked parking zones, some of which are free. Gothenburg City Card holders are entitled to free parking across the board but still have to pay the congestion charge that applies to all Swedish registered cars passing through the centre between 0600 and 1830 on weekdays. Evenings and weekends are free.

Car hire

There’s no shortage of car hire companies to choose from but as ever, prices vary so it’s worth shopping around. International names include Avis (tel: +46 31 947 330;, Hertz (tel: +46 31 803 730; and Europcar (tel: +46 31 750 1530;

Bicycle hire

With more than 60km (37 miles) of bike routes and a road bike network that takes you to within metres of most major attractions, cycling is a great way to get around.

The city pay-as-you-go rental scheme is called Styr & Ställ (tel: +46 31 227 227; and boasts more than 60 bike stations dotted in and around the centre. Gothenburg City Card holders get unlimited access for three days but opting for pay-as-you-go is also inexpensive.

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