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Flying to St Maarten

The biggest local airline is Winair (, based at Princess Juliana Airport. Other airlines flying to St Maarten include Air France (, American Airlines (, Delta (, JetBlue ( and United (

Flight times:

From London - 12 hours 30 minutes (including stopover); New York - 4 hours.

Departure tax:

For international destinations, there is a departure tax of US$30 for those age two and up. This departure tax might be already included in the airfare of certain airlines. For islands within the Netherlands Antilles, the departure tax is US$10. Again, some include the departure tax in the airline ticket.

Other airports in St Maarten

Saint-Martin Grand Case Airport

Airport Code: SFG. Location: Website: Public transport description: N/A

Princess Juliana International Airport

Airport Code: SXM. Location: The airport , 15km (9.5 miles) west of Philipsburg (journey time - 15 minutes), receives regular... Website: Public transport description: Taxis are available. In order to protect the livelihood of local taxi drivers, cars hired at the airport are delivered to guests' hotels.

Travel by rail

Getting to St Maarten by boat

Main port: Philipsburg.

Cruise ships:

St Maarten is a leading port of call for cruise liners.

Ferry operators:

The Dawn II ferry sails three times a week between St Maarten and Saba (

Great Bay Express ( runs a high-speed ferry between St Maarten and St Barths.

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