Things to see in Queenstown

Tourist offices

Queenstown i-SITE Visitor Centre

Address: Clocktower Building, corner of Camp and Shotover Streets, Queenstown, New Zealand
Tel: (03) 442 4100.

This is the official Tourist Information Centre, but there are numerous other information providers in Queenstown, including the excellent Info & Track, 37 Shotover Street (tel: (03) 442 9708;


Queenstown Combos (tel: (03) 442 7318 or 0800 423 836; offers various combination packages including activities such as bungee jumping, jet boating, helicopter flights and white water rafting for reduced prices.

Skyline Gondola, Restaurant & Luge

One of Queenstown's premier attractions, the Skyline Gondola carries passengers up 450m (almost 1,500ft) above Queenstown, giving them a superb view of the whole area. At the top there is a high quality restaurant with Maori cultural shows, a luge track, a bungee jump, walking tracks towards Ben Lomond, and the opportunity to paraglide back down to the town.

Opening Times: Daily 0900-late.
Admission Fees: Yes (for gondola and luge)
Disabled Access: No
Address: Top of Brecon Street, Queenstown, New Zealand
Telephone: (03) 441 0101.
Haka Pa Maori Village

The outstanding Haka Pa Maori Village gives visitors a chance to experience New Zealand as it may have been before Europeans arrived. Tourists are welcomed by a terrifying warrior's challenge, and then treated to a show of traditional skills and music, before being given a sumptuous feast cooked in a hangi oven. Closer to Queenstown, Kiwi Haka offers some similar experiences.

Opening Times: Daily 0900-1700 and 1900-2200.
Admission Fees: Yes
Disabled Access: Yes
Address: Waterfall Park, 345 Lake Hayes to Arrowtown Road, Queenstown, New Zealand
Telephone: (03) 442 1534.
Kiwi Birdlife Park

Although New Zealand has no native mammals, it does have some truly amazing birds, many of which are on show in this wildlife park. Star attractions include kiwi birds and tuatara, members of a unique 200-million-year-old reptile species, which has a primitive ‘third eye' (a patch of light-sensitive cells) on the top of its head. You can watch kiwis being fed four times a day.

Opening Times: Daily 0900-1700 (winter); daily 0900-1830 (summer).
Admission Fees: Yes
Disabled Access: Yes
Address: Brecon Street, Queenstown, New Zealand
Telephone: (03) 442 8059.
Underwater Observatory

Life from the depths of the lake is showcased via six huge windows here. Slinky long- finned eels are easily spotted as are both rainbow and brown trout. But it’s the diving ducks that steal the show.

Opening Times: Daily 0830-dusk.
Admission Fees: Yes
Disabled Access: No
Address: Queenstown Bay pier, Queenstown, New Zealand
Telephone: (03) 442 6142.
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