Shopping in Vilnius

Forget about cheap souvenirs, Vilnius is the place to buy beautiful Lithuania linen, unique handicraft and fine amber. All Baltic ambers on sale in three Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) are from Lithuania and Kaliningrad (the small Russian province between Lithuania and Poland).

Key areas

The Old Town is home to a pleasing myriad of small-scale shops, from run-of-the-mill souvenir outlets to vendors selling quality amber, handicrafts, traditional clothing and more.

Gediminas Avenue is the city's main street and the place to look for high-end goods and designer clothes.


The atmospheric Kalvarijų Market, or Kalvarijų Turgus, is a central, open-air affair selling everything from clothing and fresh produce to books and records. It's at its busiest on Saturday mornings. The address is Kalvarijų 61.

Elsewhere in town, the Halės Market (Pylimo 58) is a good option for locally-produced honey and fresh vegetables - the building is more than a century old.

There is also a weekly flea market outside the vast Akropolis shopping centre for bric-a-brac and antiques.

Shopping centres

Nestled among the skyscrapers, Europa ( has 85 Lithuanian and international shops and restaurants. Akropolis ( is another massive mall packed with shops, cinemas, casinos, and a bowling alley. Ozas (, which is just a short distance away from Akropolis, also houses international brands.

Opening hours

Shops in Vilnius usually open quite late around 1000 and don't close until 1800 or 1900, though at weekends opening hours can be more limited.


The most popular souvenir is Baltic amber, available in outlets such as the Amber Museum-Gallery (Šv. Mykolo g. 8).

Lithuania cheese (the brand is DŽIUGAS) and mead (an alcoholic beverage made of grain and honey) also make great gifts.

Tax information

The standard VAT rate in Lithuania is 21%.

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