Restaurants in Tripoli

The restaurants in Tripoli below have been grouped into three different pricing categories:
Expensive (LD15 to LD20)
Moderate (LD10 to LD15)
Cheap (under 10LD)
This is for a three course meal per person, with water and soft drinks, tax and service included.


Price: Expensive

With a dark elegant interior, this is one of the best fish restaurants in town. The staff are friendly and there is a salad buffet for starters. This is also a good place to try out some Libyan couscous or tagines (stews).

Address: Midan al-Gazayir, Tripoli, Libya
Telephone: (021) 333 6507

Al-Makulaat al-Lubnaniya

Price: Moderate

Excellent Lebanese restaurant, popular with foreign expats, serving a good selection of mezze, salads and mixed grills.

Address: Sharia al-Gargaresh, 4km (2.5 miles) west of the centre, Tripoli, Libya
Telephone: (021) 477 6978


Price: Moderate

Very lively Lebanese-owned restaurant-cum-snack bar, popular with younger Libyans, right on the city's main square. Libyan as well as international specials, including salads, kebabs and excellent pizzas, are served in a contemporary decor.

Address: Green Square, Tripoli, Libya
Telephone: (021) 444 1459

Zumit Restaurant

Price: Moderate

Great restaurant in an old caravanserai hotel decorated in Ottoman style, specialising in traditional Libyan cuisine, particularly fish and seafood.

Address: Marcus Aurelius Arch Square, Medina, Tripoli, Libya
Telephone: (021) 334 2915


Price: Cheap

Popular eaterie with a very plain decor on a first floor above the busy Souk al-Attara. The Ash-Sharq serves good rustic traditional Libyan dishes such as rishda , a home made pasta with onions and chickpeas, couscous and osban , sheep's stomach stuffed with meat, herbs and rice.

Address: Souk al-Attara, Medina, Tripoli, Libya
Telephone: (021) 444 1427
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