Menorca Food and Drink

Many eating places in the coastal resorts serve up the type of international resort fare found throughout the Mediterranean and cater for holidaymakers' 'home-from-home' tastes (eg pizzas, burgers, bratwurst, full English breakfast etc). Elsewhere Spanish cuisine predominates, though island cooking (using olive oil, tomatoes and garlic with fresh meat, fish and vegetables) has become more common in recent years.


• Queso de Mahón (fresh island cheese)
• Caldereta de Llagosta (lobster stew)
• Sobrasada (soft, spreadable, red, chorizo-like sausage)
• Tumbet (baked dish of layered potato, courgette, aubergine and tomato sauce)
• Pa amb oli (literally, bread with oil), a snack often supplemented by cheese, jamón (cured ham), or chorizo


Around 10% in restaurants.

Regional drinks

Gin, introduced by the British. Pomada (gin with cloudy lemon) is popular in summer.
Calent (liqueur made from wine, cinnamon, aniseed and saffron).
Palo and Herbes de Mallorca (aromatic herby liqueurs).

Drinking age


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