Shopping in Naples

Naples may not be the home of Italian high fashion but it is a city full of artisans and heirloom businesses and one where the price of a tailor-made suit will leave you with some change in your pocket. There are numerous small shops dotted around the old town selling local wines, handmade clothing and antiques. The business centre of the city features a number of higher-end shops with designer labels.

Key areas

Via Toledo is the main shopping street in Naples, where many high-street fashion brands are located. You will also find exclusive shops along Via Chiaia and in parts of Vomero. Head to Spaccanapoli for individual shops selling everything from bespoke shoes and suits to jewellery and groceries.


Mercato di Porta Nolana and La Pignasecca are Naples’ most high profile markets. Both are renowned for their super fresh produce and fish, along with a whole heap of household and counterfeit goods. There’s a vintage book market on via Port’Alba on weekday afternoons, and on the last two weekends of every month the Fiera Antiquaria Napoletana antiques market sets up in Villa Comunale (0800-1400).

Shopping centres

The best shopping mall in Naples has to be the enormous Centro Commerciale Auchan on Via Argine, which houses everything from Auchan to Zarmax underneath its roof.

Opening hours

Shops in Naples are open Monday to Saturday from 0900-1300 and 1600-2000. Supermarkets and department stores stay open all day, and are open on Sundays.


In the streets around Spaccanapoli, such as Via dei Tribunali and Via Duomo, there are various little shops for picking up souvenirs. Visitors will find elaborate religious crafts, especially nativity scenes, as well as traditional Neapolitan masks. The good luck charm known as Pulcinella, which depicts a black-masked man clownishly dressed in white, is also a must-buy.

Tax information

Value-added tax (IVA) of 21% is added to every purchase in Italy. If you are a non-EU resident, and spend more than €155 on a single item, you can claim a tax refund when you leave the country. The refund is only available from shops that display a ‘tax free Italy’ sign.

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