Travel to Kuwait City

Flying to Kuwait City

British Airways and Kuwait Airways operate direct flights to Kuwait International Airport from the UK. Kuwait Airways also offers direct flights from the USA. The cheapest flights are often available during the hot summer months (between May and September).

Flight times

From London - 6 hours 15 minutes; New York - 12 hours; Los Angeles - 18 hours 30 minutes (including stopover); Toronto - 15 hours 30 minutes (including stopover); Sydney - 18 hours 15 minutes (including stopover).

City Airports: 
Telephone:+965 2431 9829

Kuwait International Airport is located 16km (10 miles) south of Kuwait City.


There are two banks that also provide currency exchange services within the large terminal.


Reports or enquiries of lost or found items can be made to the lost property office (tel: +965 2474 4256). An online submission form for lost items is available on the airport’s website.

Travel by road


Kuwait has borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia, neither of which are currently open for casual tourism. For those who have a visa for Saudi Arabia, it is possible to use the Al-Nuwaisib crossing (for Damman) and Al-Salmy crossing (for Riyadh).

The road system in Kuwait is generally good but the standard of driving is very poor and road traffic accidents are a major problem. Traffic drives on the right, seat belts are compulsory and the minimum driving age is 18. An International Driving Permit, or a licence and resident permit from another Gulf country, is required.

Speed limits are 45kph (28mph) in residential areas, 60kph (37mph) on main roads in urban areas, 80-100kph (50-62mph) on ring roads, and 120kph (75mph) on expressways and outer roads.

Emergency breakdown service:

Road Traffic Police (tel: 101).


The main routes into Kuwait City are Highway 70 from the west (from Saudi Arabia), Highway 40 from the south (from Saudi Arabia) and Highway 80 from the north (from Iraq).

Driving times:

From Riyadh - 6 hours 30 minutes; Bahrain - 5 hours 15 minutes.


Kuwait Public Transport Company (tel: +965 2232 8501; operates long-distance buses between Kuwait City and other destinations within Kuwait and the Gulf region. The main bus station is near the intersection of Al-Hilali and Abdullah al-Mubarak Streets in the Safat district.

Travel by rail


Kuwait has no rail track, although there are proposals to build a rail network connecting other countries in the Gulf, and a metro system is under construction within Kuwait City.

Travel over water


Shuwaikh Port is Kuwait's main commercial port. 

Ferry services:

The Combined Shipping Company (tel: +965 2483 0130; operates passenger ferries from Kuwait's Shuwaikh Port to the Iranian ports of Khoramshar and Bushehr. 

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