Travel Feature Articles - Page 6

Next month, Norway will host a festival dedicated to the dulcet sounds of ‘ice music’. Marie Peyre gives us a preview of what’s to come.

From the most hair-raising hike in Borneo to an untouched Thai archipelago, we select the best destinations to visit in February 2016.

Looking for stocking fillers this Christmas? Then look no further as our resident bookworm, Dan Lewis, rounds up his favourite reads from 2015.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without pubic toupees and porn karaoke. So says Stuart Forster, who groans his way around Europe’s “sexiest” festive market (in Germany, obviously).

From kitsch Balkan boltholes to Caribbean comeback kids, via outer space, we explore the destinations that should be on your radar in 2016.

Daniel Fahey jets off with Mistrip, a company that keeps the location and itinerary secret until the last minute. But are we really that bored of holidaying?

Many guides gloss over red-light districts, which is a shame because they provide unique and titillating insights into a city's character. We take a peek at the colourful underbellies of 10 very different cities.

Two of Holland's most famous hookers give Gavin Haines the ultimate introduction to Amsterdam's red-light district.

Forget Auld Lang Syne and elbow room only, our alternative New Year’s Eve guide will take you from punch-ups in Peru to the bottom of a Siberian lake.

Crime capers, classic travel tomes and… books about chopping wood. Our man from Stanfords, Dan Lewis, rounds up the best reads for November.

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