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It’s 40 years today since Western Sahara was annexed by Morocco, but life goes on in this disputed and forgotten land. Campaigner, Beccy Allen, recalls her first visit to the territory.

Gavin Haines meets the traditional healers of Quito, who flay children with herbs and do strange things with guinea pigs.

Whether you’re looking to escape winter or throw yourself headlong into its icy beauty, we have your December holiday sewn up with these timely recommendations.

Armed with just a toothbrush, a worn passport and £150 in cash, we send Jack Palfrey to investigate if it’s still efficacious to travel on a whim.

Lesser-known London. Modern Britain. Immigration. October’s new releases tackle a diverse mixture of subjects, says Stanfords' bookworm, Dan Lewis.

Our photographer, Gavin Haines, chronicles the extraordinary life of Baltazar Ushca, who climbs Ecuador’s highest mountain every week to collect ice from its glacier. Fridge-freezers have all but killed his trade, but he makes the perilous journey regardless.

Gavin Haines scales Ecuador’s highest peak with Baltazar Ushca, a local celebrity defiantly plying his trade in a defunct industry.

Having a backie with a local is the latest way of getting around Amsterdam. Gavin Haines goes for a hair-raising ride across the Dutch capital.

One of Amsterdam’s most popular coffeeshops ceased trading yesterday, as the crackdown on the red-light district continues. Gavin Haines reports.

From a flaming tar barrels festival in Devon to a stomach-churning glass bridge in China, we round up the best places to go this November.

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