Travel Feature Articles - Page 2

An autonomous arts hub or a squat for sore eyes? James Hendicott spends an afternoon inside the Grangegorman anarchist space that’s dividing Dublin.

Looking for lodgings with a difference? From a self-catering pub to a coastal defence tower, we round up the most unusual places to spend the night in Ireland.

Look, we couldn't knowingly send you to Temple Bar. Instead, local rapscallion James Hendicott drags us through the real Dublin - drink, drugs, debauchery and all.

From surfing Sri Lanka’s lost beaches to Shakespeare in San Sebastián, look no further for June’s best holiday ideas.

With a new book in the making, photographer Rebecca Bathory takes David Hillier through her favourite dark tourism spots.

From loafing around Paris to gold prospecting in California – via London during the Blitz – this month’s book selection takes us on a tour through time and place. Hop aboard.

From the waterfalls of Selfoss, Iceland, to the Kepler Track in New Zealand, we pick our favourite 10 photos submitted by our Instagram followers this month.

Though somewhat inconvenient, becoming a castaway needn’t be a harrowing experience. Heed the lessons of Alexander Selkirk, a sailor who survived alone on an islet for over four years. Jack Palfrey retells his tale.

Some of England’s oldest churches are now offering overnight stays. Our scribe, Arielle Witter, gives us the lowdown on “champing”.

John Malathronas retells the story of Ireland’s Rebecca O'Laoire, who went from dancing for pesos on Plaza Dorrego to become one of the best tango artistes in Argentina.

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