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Fes tours

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Dig a little deeper into the culture and traditions of the medina by visiting the artisan workshops of Fès el-Bali and watching Fassi artisans at work. These tours offer a glimpse into the ancient skills and techniques of Moroccan craftwork, which have survived and continue to thrive today.

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Walking tours

Fès el-Bali’s maze of doodling lanes can seem impenetrable, so hiring an official guide (hotels can recommend guides for you) can help unlock the city’s secrets. Always specify the principal sights you want to visit and make it clear if you don’t want to shop.

Excursions from Fes


Morocco’s smallest Imperial City lies only 65km southwest of Fès and is an easy one hour train ride away. The medina here is petite and sedate in comparison to Fès, though the ornate gate of Bab Mansour Laleuj and the sumptuously decorated Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail are two key sights not to miss.


The remarkable Roman ruins of Volubilis are 85km west from Fès and thus within easy day-tripping distance of the city. This is Morocco’s top ancient site, with a cache of immaculately preserved floor mosaics in-situ, as well as a monumental columned basilica, a capitol with great views over the surrounding countryside and a grand triumphal arch.

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