Things to do in Fes

Take to the slopes

You might not associate Morocco with skiing but Ifrane—the country’s self-coined ‘Little Switzerland’—is situated at an altitude of 1,650m (5,413ft) and enjoys plenty of snow in winter. The nearby ski resort of Michlifen and the slopes of Mount Hebri attract skiers, but don’t expect full-to-burst slopes.

Visit the old world of the mellah

An afternoon spent traversing the streets of the mellah will transport you to a different time and place. The old Jewish Quarter is home to the beautifully preserved Ibn Danan synagogue, and if you want to find yourself something shiny, a trip to the gold market will see your wallets gratifyingly emptied.

See Fez from Mount Zalagh

If you are finding Fez’s hustle and bustle a little claustrophobic, a jaunt up nearby Mount Zalagh will reset any frayed wires in your head. Plan it Fez (+212 0 535 638 708; offers a tour that will not only get you to the top to see panoramic views, but will offer you tasting some locally produced olive oil, honey, capers, cheeses, and breads.

Turn up the relaxation in a hammam

If you want to experience the finest in Moroccan hospitality, book into one of Fez’s 250 hammams and be washed, scrubbed, and massaged into another dimension of relaxation. Spa Laaroussa (+212 674 187 639; is a little more expensive than some of the local hammams, but well worth the cash.

Take a hike to the Merenid Tombs

Lurking above the city are the crumbling walls of the 14th century Merenid Tombs. They’ve fallen into a state of some disrepair and you may stumble across the odd discarded beer can, but the trek is well worth the unique views of the medina.

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