Things to do in Eilat

Make waves with water sports

Blessed with miles of coastline and scorching weather, Eilat is a popular water sports destination. From giant rubber tubes to banana boats, water skiing to stand-up paddle boarding, visitors seeking adrenalin are spoiled for choice with many operators vying for your business on the North Promenade. The warm sea is also ideal for swimming and snorkelling, and the coral reefs provide world-class diving destinations for experienced and novice divers alike.

Explore the Red Canyon

Get ready to light up your Instagram while hiking the Red Canyon in the Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve. Gorgeous rock layers in rich shades of red reveal the powerful force of nature, which has sculpted this sandstone gorge over millennia. There are several trails you can follow, each marked by a colour and differing in length. You can also saddle up and enjoy a camel ride to the Nature Reserve.

Catch a show at Isrotel

Eliat's Isrotel Theater has been showing fantastic performances for almost two decades now and each show runs for 12 to 18 months. It currently presents the spectacular WOW show, which describes a young man's journey to Las Vegas. With a combination of holograms, multimedia projections, stagecraft, exotic dancers, jaw-dropping acrobats and a boatload of humour, you'll understand why the name of this show is so fitting after watching it.

Experience the desert communities

The 200km (124 miles) stretch of desert between Eilat and the Dead Sea is dotted with kibbutzim (collective communities) where members work on the land and contribute to the greater good of their respective community. Worthy diversions include the eco-friendly Kibbutz Lotan and Kibbutz Ketura. The unique Tzukim artist village is also worth a trip - originally an army camp, artists and yoga enthusiasts have lovingly restored the place.

Rock climb at Timna Park

Located in the southern Arava valley, Timna is famed for ancient copper mines and natural phenomena including King Solomon's Pillars (wind-worn sandstone cliffs) and the "Mushroom" (a mushroom-shaped rock formation). More than two-dozen climbing routes are available, and most of them are bolted. Apart from rock climbing, visitors can also hike, ride bike and enjoy pedal boating on the manmade lake in the heart of Timna.

Yoga by the sea (and in the desert)

Starting at 1000 every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday, visitors can join the locals for a yoga session at Dan Promenade. To further develop your core strength and flexibility, plan your trip to coincide with the annual Arava Yoga Festival where you can participate in different yoga sessions in the desert, culminating at a joint session at the foot of Solomon's Pillars in Timna Park.

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