Restaurants in Eilat

The resort town of Eilat has a strong seafood bias – fresh fish, calamari, shrimp – you can have them smoked, stewed, grilled or served raw. Traditional Middle Eastern staples like falafel and shawarma are widely available too. It must be said that the breakfast choices at most hotels are superb; visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the full-board (all meals) or half-board (breakfast and dinner) options and dine well in Eilat.

The Eilat restaurants below are grouped into three pricing categories:
Expensive (over NIS 200)
Moderate (NIS 100-200)
Cheap (up to NIS 100)
These Eilat restaurant prices above are for a main meal and a side dish excluding alcohol. A minimum of 10% tipping is customary.

Pago Pago

Price: Expensive
Cuisine: Mediterranean

Right by the marina, it’s worth coming to this renowned restaurant for the views, food and service. The menu is a culinary road trip around the world; from French-styled seafood platter to delicate sushi, spicy Thai salad to Brazilian fish pot, there is something for everyone here. The wine list doesn’t disappoint either.

Address: North Beach Lagoon, Eilat, Israel
Telephone: +972 8 637 6660


Price: Expensive

The rustic Pedro has been serving quality food for almost two decades now and still triumphs today when it comes to delivering exquisitely crafted plates. With an extensive selection of seafood and meat dishes, plus a good wine list, you simply can’t go wrong.

Address: Ye’elim 38, Eilat, Israel
Telephone: +972 8 637 9504


Price: Moderate
Cuisine: Italian

An authentic Italian restaurant serving Tuscan fare imbued with tradition and passion; expect homemade pasta and freshly baked pizza. The restaurant also offers Israeli wine sourced from a boutique winery in the Judean Hills.

Address: Tarshish 7, Eilat, Israel
Telephone: +972 8 634 5111


Price: Moderate
Cuisine: Spanish

This beloved Spanish restaurant combines a cosy tapas bar atmosphere with a restaurant setting. Dishes to look out for include empanadas, grilled fish and juicy steak.

Address: Tarshish St 7, Eilat, Israel
Telephone: +972 53 944 2686


Price: Cheap
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Israeli

Located just a short distance away from Fradkin Garden, Omer’s serves some of the best sandwiches you’ll find anywhere in Eilat. This hidden gem also offers some excellent vegetarian and vegan dishes too.

Address: Hatmarim 83, Eilat, Israel
Telephone: +972 8 652 1646

Falafel Halev Harahav

Price: Cheap
Cuisine: Israeli

A modern café serving amazing falafel and shawarma, Eilat’s signature street food. This place is always busy, a testimony to its excellent food.

Address: Hatmarium 43, Eilat, Israel
Telephone: +972 8 637 1919
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