Getting around Djibouti


Private charters may be available.

Side of road
Road quality

Road conditions are poor on the whole, and 4-wheel drive vehicles are recommended for the interior. There is a modern highway from Djibouti to Tadjoura.

Car hire

Available in Djibouti and at the airport. It is advisable to carry water and petrol on any expedition off main routes.


Available in Djibouti and from the airport to the town; also in Ali-Sabieh, Dikhil, Dorale and Arta. Fares increase by 50% after dark.


An International Driving Permit is recommended, although not legally required. A temporary licence to drive is available from local authorities on presentation of a valid UK driving licence. Insurance is not required.

Getting around towns and cities

A minibus service operates in Djibouti, stopping on demand. A flat-fare system is use.


The only service is provided by the twice-weekly train to Ethiopia.

By water

Ferry services sail daily from L'Escale (Djibouti) to Tadjoura and Obock (on the northeast coast of the Gulf of Tadjoura) (journey time - 3 hours).

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