Travel to Denver

Flying to Denver

British Airways operates direct flights from the UK to Denver. Making a stopover somewhere on the way increases the number of flight options dramatically however, while the price is likely to decrease a considerable amount. Airfares are quite consistent throughout the year with July being a bit more expensive and November being a bit less expensive than the remaining months.

Flight times

From London - 9 hours 40 minutes; New York - 4 hours 30 minutes; Los Angeles - 2 hours 20 minutes; Toronto - 3 hours 50 minutes; Sydney - 18 hours (including stopover).

City Airports: 
Telephone:+1 303 342 2000

Denver International Airport is located 40km (25 miles) northeast of Denver.


Denver International Airport has ATMs throughout the terminal and concourses. Currency exchange desks are located at the centre of the A and B gates and on Level 5. Public Service Credit Union, a full-service bank, is located on the west side of Level 6 of the Terminal and is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


The airport's Lost & Found Office (tel: +1 303 342 4062) is situated on Level 5 near International Arrivals. There isn't a luggage storage facility.

Travel by road


The USA has an excellent system of Interstate and State Highways, which are used in combination with smaller side streets. All traffic drives on the right and, in Colorado, the legal driving age is 16 years.

The state’s speed limit is 105-120kph (65-75mph) on designated rural Interstates and Highways, 88kph (55mph) on rural Highways including two lanes and four-lane divided, 65kph (40 mph) on open mountain Highways, 48kph (30mph) in all residential districts and 40kph (25mph) in any business district. A valid national licence is required to travel to the USA. You don't require an International Driving Permit, but your car hire company may ask for one, and it's useful if your licence isn't in English. Liability insurance is required for all drivers in Denver. Also, note that it’s an offence to carry alcohol in a car unless it’s unopened and in the boot.

Emergency breakdown service:

AAA (tel: +1 800 222 4357).


Denver is at the intersection of the I-70, running east-west from Maryland to Utah, and the I-25, running north-south from New Mexico to Wyoming. You can drive to Las Vegas,Los Angeles  via the I-70 and I-15, or Chicago via the I-80. Further north, you can reach Toronto on the I-70 and I-80.

Driving times:

From Las Vegas - 11 hours; El Paso - 10 hours; Chicago - 14 hours; Los Angeles - 15 hours; New York - 26 hours; Toronto - 22 hours.


Denver is a major hub for intercity buses. Coaches depart from the Greyhound Bus Terminal, 1055 19th Street, just north of the Capitol building. Greyhound (tel: +1 800 231 2222; provides direct services to Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and St Louis, among other cities.

Travel by rail


The main railway station in Denver is Union Station (tel: +1 303 592 6712), 1701 Wynkoop Street, which is located at northwest end of 17th Street. The station reopened in 2014 after a huge restoration project and is now home to one hotel and numerous restaurants and shops. Amtrak, the USA's national rail operator, runs regular services from the station. Trains in the USA are often subject to delays however, so patience is sometimes required.


Amtrak's (tel: +1 303 825 2583; California Zephyr route runs through Denver on its daily trip from Emeryville (San Francisco) to Chicago.

Journey times:

From Emeryville (San Francisco) - 32 hours 30 minutes; Chicago - 18 hours 15 minutes.

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