Restaurants in Bogotá

Bogotá’s food scene has recently garnered much-deserved column inches. Apart from novel takes on traditional Colombian cuisine (best eaten in the city’s cheap and cheerful ‘menu’ restaurants), there are now excellent Japanese, Italian and US-style options.

The Bogotá restaurants below have been hand-picked by our guide author and are grouped into three pricing categories:
Expensive (over COP50,000)
Moderate (COP20,000 to 50,000)
Cheap (up to 20,000)

These Bogotá restaurant prices are for a three-course meal for one, including half a bottle of house wine or equivalent, tax and service. Tipping is only expected in the more expensive restaurants, where it’s common to see a 10% service charge added to the bill.


Price: Expensive
Cuisine: Peruvian

In recent years, Peruvian cuisine has spread across the globe to London, New York and beyond, but the wave has also reached places closer to the source, with Bogotá a case in point. Rafael Osterling is one of the leading lights of Peru’s food scene and his stylish restaurant in the Colombian capital serves as exquisite meals as you’ll find anywhere in South America. His innovative ceviche (raw fish dressed with citrus and chilli) is unforgettable, as is the grilled octopus.

Address: Calle 70 No.4-63, Los Rosales, Bogotá, Colombia
Telephone: +571 255 4138.

Casa Medina

Price: Expensive
Cuisine: French, international

This restaurant, in one Bogotá's most atmospheric hotels, offers excellent international, French-leaning cuisine in beautiful surroundings. Expect fine dining at its best, with an excellent range of wines and a perfect setting in the colonial glory of Hotel Casa Medina, with wood-carved furniture and walls, and timber-beam ceilings.

Address: Carrera 7 No.69a-22, Bogotá, Colombia
Telephone: +571 325 7900.

Harry Sasson

Price: Expensive
Cuisine: Asian, Colombian

One of the hottest nightspots in town is Harry Sasson’s eponymous restaurant, where the chef has been wowing patrons since 2011. The spectacularly restored, 1930s mansion is only outdone by the food, which is a glorious mixture of the Asian dishes that typified Sasson’s original restaurant, plus Colombian influences and ingredients. Reservations are essential.

Address: Carrera 9 No. 75-70, Bogotá, Colombia
Telephone: +57 3477 155.

Andrés Carnes de Res

Price: Moderate
Cuisine: Columbian

It’s not exactly Bogotá (it’s in Chia, situated north of the city, but is accessible by TransMilenio from Portal del Norte and continuing by bus to Chia, or in a cab), but this place is well worth the trip. With madcap décor cobbled together from recycled materials, huge meaty dishes and an unstoppable party atmosphere, it’s a true Colombian institution. A smaller version of the mighty Bogotá establishment can now be found in the city centre, called Andrés DC.

Address: Calle 3 No. 11a-56, Chia, Colombia
Telephone: +57 1 8637 880.


Price: Moderate
Cuisine: American

Currently one of the most fashionable eatery choices in Bogotá, Gordo is a Brooklyn-inspired bar and restaurant. Luckily, it’s a far cry from the American-style diners proliferating in Zona T. A glance at the burgers, fried chicken and onion rings on the menu may make you wonder what all the fuss is about, but don’t be fooled: this is cooking at its best.

Address: Carrera 4a, No. 66-84, Los Rosales, Bogotá, Colombia
Telephone: +571 345 5769.

El Patio

Price: Moderate
Cuisine: Italian

This trendy Italian restaurant, located in the bohemian, city centre neighbourhood of La Macarena, offers fantastic food and a lively atmosphere, and is frequented by Bogotá's elite. Despite having all the tumbledown tropes of a trattoria, including hundreds of framed pictures on the walls, cramped tables and mismatched cutlery, El Patio manages to conjure up a bit of class too. The terrific food is accompanied by wonderful and welcoming service.

Address: Carrera 4a No 27-86, Bogotá, Colombia
Telephone: +571 2826 121.

Restaurante Fulanitos

Price: Cheap
Cuisine: Colombian

This informal eatery is found in an ageing building in La Candelaria. It serves good but inexpensive dishes inspired by the cuisine of the Valle del Cauca in southern Colombia. The fantastic views from the terrace overlook the city’s rooftops, but the opening hours can be a little erratic, so phone ahead.

Address: Carrera 3 No. 8-61, Bogotá, Colombia
Telephone: +571 3520173.

El Tambor

Price: Cheap
Cuisine: Colombian

If you have the means of driving out to La Calera for lunch, there are a number of restaurants on the country road offering beautiful views and classic Colombian cuisine. El Tambor is the best of the bunch, with fine grilled meats, traditional pastries and huge portions.

Address: KM 12, La Calera, Bogotá, Colombia
Telephone: +57 3187 072 054.

La Esquina

Price: Cheap
Cuisine: Colombian

For superb ceviche (raw fish dressed with citrus and chilli), as well as empanadas (savoury stuff pastry) and arepas (a classic Colombian flatbread), this small restaurant is worth a visit. With fast service and a friendly atmosphere, you’ll feel at home while dining on local favourites.

Address: Carrera 4 No.26a, La Candelaria, Bogotá, Colombia
Telephone: +57 5612 726.
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