Aruba Food and Drink

Not much food is grown locally, but the variety in the local cuisine is extensive. There is a very wide range of international cuisine and several of the more famous fast-food chains have premises on the island.


Keshi yena (Gouda cheese packed with a spicy meat mixture of either chicken or beef and then baked).
Stobà (lamb or goat stew).
Cala (bean fritters).
Pastechi (meat- or cheese-stuffed turnovers).
Ayacas (leaf-wrapped meat rolls).


Hotels add a 15% service charge to any food or beverage bill. Restaurants may add 15% service to the bill; if not, 10 to 15% is normal.

Regional drinks

As ever in the Caribbean, all alcoholic punches and cocktails will usually be given a 'kick' with a liberal dose of rum.

Drinking age


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