Sark & Herm: Doing business & staying in touch

Doing business in Sark & Herm

Businesspeople are still generally expected to dress smartly (suits are the norm), although the lack of conventional office environments on either island means protocol can be relaxed a little. Roads can be muddy and this, coupled with minimal transport options, means that sensible shoes are recommended. Appointments should be made and the exchange of business cards is customary. Knowledge of English is essential. Business facilities include a business services suite at the Clos De Vaul Creuz (tel: (01481) 832 527;, which levies a weekly charge of £25 on users. Most hotels have Wi-Fi for the use of guests.

Office hours

Mon-Fri 0900-1700.


Sark and Herm both have economies which are primarily dependent on tourism. There is some farming on both islands, although most local produce is grown to supply the hotels and restaurants. Sark has also attracted wealth from overseas through its status as a tax haven – it has been described as the only true remaining ‘fiscal paradise’ in the world, and residents pay an annual property tax, but there is no requirement to disclose income or keep accounts. To claim residency and take advantage of the tax benefits, it is necessary to buy a property or purchase a long-term leasehold on the island. Other cottage industries on Sark and Herm include chocolate-making  and fishing.

The Sark economy suffered a major blow in 2008, when the Barclay brothers resident on neighbouring Brecqhou pulled their investments from the island after local voters did not support their candidates in government elections. They have since re-established their operations in Sark, and now own a third of the island including hotels, restaurants and vineyards. The brothers have reportedly invested £30 million in Sark since 2007.

Main exports

Consumer goods, raw materials, fuels and foodstuffs.

Main trading partners

Guernsey, Jersey, UK.

Keeping in Touch in Sark & Herm

Mobile phone

Roaming agreements exist with most international mobile phone companies. Coverage is good in most areas.


There is one internet café on Sark and free Wi-Fi is available at the Island Hall (tel: (01481) 832 666).


There is a post office on Sark (tel: (01481) 832078).


Sark has an independent monthly journal, the Sark Scribe (tel: (01481) 832 855; and a quarterly magazine The Sark Life ( Herm also has a regular newsletter – sign up through British media are free and able to report on all subjects. The local Channel Islands radio stations are Island FM ( and BBC Guernsey.

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