Tunis Nightlife

The nightlife scene in Tunis has a little bit of everything, from casual cafés along Avenue Habib Bourguiba to lively clubs on the coast. A popular place to go in the evening, particularly in summer, are the cafés in Sidi Bou Said. Visitors can enjoy a casual evening of smoking a narguilah (water pipe) or trying a local favorite, bambaloni (a sweet, deep-fried doughnut). Those looking for a night out can head to La Marsa or Hammamet for the nightclubs, or stick to the city centre for more casual bars.

Most cultural events in Tunis take place in summer, including the Festival de Carthage in July and August. Listings of cultural events can be found in the local press.

Bars in Tunis

Bar Jamaica

Located on the 10th floor of the El-Hana Hotel, Bar Jamaica offers a casual atmosphere, pop and lounge music, and a panoramic view of the city. Visit at sunset for drinks and stunning views of Tunis.

49 Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Tunis, 1015, Tunisia
Telephone: +216 71 331 144
Nuba Bar

Nuba Bar often draws a younger crowd with its variety of music, tapas served all night, and happy hour from 7:00-10:00 pm with all drinks 12dt and under. It’s a great spot for those looking to be out late, as they’re open until 3:00 am.

2 Rue de la république, hôtel de la Jetée, Tunis, Tunisia
Telephone: +216 94 728 134

Clubs in Tunis

Hotel Plaza Corniche

Nearby to Tunis, La Marsa and Gammarth have many nightclubs, with the most popular being The Plaza Hotel. Enjoy casual drinks and a sea view upstairs at the bar, then venture downstairs to their buzzing nightclub.

22 rue du Maroc, La Marsa, Tunis, Tunisia
Telephone: +216 71 743 577
Le Carpe Diem

With an array of cocktails and lively dancefloor, Le Carpe Diem attracts many students and young professionals in the area. While the evening hours are more casual, with the restaurant serving drinks and small plates like sushi, dancing starts later in the evening when everyone starts to hit the dancefloor, giving the place a nightclub feel.

Route de Gammarth, La Marsa, Tunis, 2016, Tunisia
Telephone: +216 27 330 001

Live Music in Tunis

Le Boeuf sur le Toit

Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit is a lively bar-restaurant frequented by both locals and foreigners alike. It’s regarded as one of the best restaurants in the area and always has a DJ or live music to accompany the dance floor. Because they’re open until 2:00 am, this is the perfect spot for those looking to dine in, then enjoy drinks and good company until late.

3 Avenue Fatouma Bourguiba, La Soukra, Tunis, 2036, Tunisia
Telephone: +216 71 764 807

Classical Music in Tunis

Café El M'rabet

Café El M’rabet is the oldest café in the city, dating back to the 17th century. Sitting on carpets and cushions alongside low tables, visitors can enjoy tea or hookah while listening to live music.

27 Souk El Trouk El Kasba, Sidi Bou Said, Tunis, 2026, Tunisia
Telephone: +216 93 420 895

Theatre in Tunis

Théâtre d'Art Ben Abdallah

Théâtre d'Art Ben Abdallah, in the converted stables of the Dar Ben Abdallah Museum, hosts primarily theatre and cinema screenings. In the museum, visitors can admire various artworks and the architecture of the building itself.

6 impasse Ben Abdallah , Tunis, 1000, Tunisia
Telephone: +216 54 814 246
Théâtre de l'Étoile du Nord

Théâtre de l'Étoile du Nord, also known as the North Star Theatre, is a theatre in Tunis located in a former warehouse. It hosts theatrical productions and a variety of concerts, including music from reggae to heavy metal, and the occasional stand-up comedy. The spot is popular among students and artists in the area. The theatre is alcohol-free.

41 avenue Farhat Hached, Le Kram, Tunis, Tunisia
Telephone: +216 71 315 866
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