Things to do in Tel Aviv

Buy a paddle and make a racket

One of Israel’s most popular beach pastimes, matkot is played by two people batting a small hard ball to each other with specially designed paddles (there’s no net). All you need to master Israel’s noisy unofficial national sport are balls and paddles, and these are widely available.

Enjoy Tel Aviv's warm waters, safely

Tel Aviv’s beaches and warm offshore waters are clean and welcoming, though swimming in the powerful Eastern Mediterranean waves is challenging. If you plan to jump in, wait until the white flag is flying. A black flag means swimming is not allowed; a red flag means the currents could be dangerous.

Take two wheels to Jerusalem

Riding a bike is a great way to enjoy the city’s shaded boulevards and waterfront, as Tel Aviv has 70km (43 miles) of marked cycle routes. For a longer ride, join the Israel National Trail at the Yarkon River and pedal all the way to Jerusalem. Try Starbikes ( for bike hire.

Set sail into the sun

Tel Aviv’s seaside location and the river Yarkon mean there are a variety of ways of enjoying the water without getting wet. From yachts and motorboats to rowing and pedal boats, there are numerous ways to spend a day at sea. Danit ( charter catamarans; just climb aboard and bask in the salt sea air.

Feel like royalty with a police escort

Police escorts are usually reserved for royalty, but in Tel Aviv they keep the city’s rollerskaters safe. Join the Tel Aviv Rollers ( as they skate a 20km (12.5 miles) course every Tuesday evening. It starts from outside the Habima National Theatre, and all you need to do is pull on your blades.

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