Surinam Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Surinam

Popular items include Maroon tribal woodcarvings, hand-carved and hand-painted trays and gourds, Amerindian bows and arrows, cotton hammocks, wicker and ceramic objects, gold and silver jewellery, Javanese bamboo and batik, as well as tobacco and liquor products. Chinese shops sell imported jade, silks, glass, dolls, needlework and wall decorations.

Shopping hours

Mon-Fri 0730-1630, Sat 0730-1300.

Nightlife in Surinam

There are several nightclubs in Paramaribo, often attached to a hotel, with live music and dancing. There are also a number of discos and several cinemas, including a drive-in. In general, it is best to stick to the hotels unless accompanied by locals who know the reputations of other nightspots, in particular those out of the town centre. The Local Events Bulletin lists all current activities and is usually available in hotels.

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