Things to do in Santiago de Compostela

All roads lead to Santiago de Compostela 

One of the world’s most celebrated and trodden pilgrimages, Camino de Santiago concludes at the city’s magnificent cathedral. Those who tackle the whole route take a month, but for walkers who wish to hike smaller sections, the final 100km (62-mile) walk from Lugo is a delightful stretch.

Take the weight off at the beach

Take some time out and spend a day on the beach. Galicia's coastline features dramatic rock formations, long stretches of sandy beaches and plenty of refreshing dips. One of the most striking is Playa de Aguas Santas. Located just over one and a half hour’s drive north, it features 32m (105ft) high wind-sculpted cliffs.

Practice your swing under bright blue skies

Spain is one of Europe’s premier golfing destinations and is surrounded by miles of green countryside; Santiago de Compostela is a great place to play 18 holes. Challenge yourself on its newest course, Real Aéro Club de Santiago (tel: +34 981 954 911; and when you’re done enjoy a drink in its modern, glass and concrete cube clubhouse.

Kayak down the Ladra River

After all that walking, give your legs a rest and instead work those arms. An hour’s drive east of the city, Non Estreses (tel: +34 607 649 651; gives those of an adventurous mind the chance to paddle down the Ladra River. There are three different routes on offer; the shortest is ideal for families.

Give in to the allure of a scuba dive

For some divers, knowing they’re within reach of the sea can mean they find the allure of the water too hard to resist. Luckily, Santiago de Compostela is a short drive from the shoreline and the Portosub Diving Centre (tel: +34 607 083 551; is an established dive school that offers training courses and excursions to some brilliant dive spots.

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