Saba Food and Drink

Fine local cuisine is offered at the island's guest houses and there are several public restaurants. Brigadoon, which serves Mediterranean-influenced dishes, and Swinging Doors steak house are two of the most popular restaurants on the island (you'll need to book ahead for a table at Swinging Doors.) Restaurants and bars are usually closed by midnight.


• Calaloo soup (a thick green soup traditionally made from dasheen leaves).
• Curried goat.
• Breadfruit.
• Soursop ice cream.
• Exotic fruit grown on the island - mangoes, papayas, figs and bananas.


A surcharge of 20% is usually added to guest house and restaurant bills to cover government tax and service. Elsewhere, 10 to 15% is expected.

Regional drinks

Saba has its own brand of rum - Saba Spice, a potent blend of rum, aniseed, cinnamon, orange peel, cloves, nutmeg, spice bush and brown sugar.

Drinking age


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