Federated States Of Micronesia Food and Drink

Local specialities include breadfruit (Chuuk) and thin slices of raw fish dipped in a peppery sauce. Pohnpeians have over 100 words for yams and grow them to massive proportions (it may take several men to carry one); yams occupy a central position in local culture. Although some dining rooms serve buffet-style fare, table service is usual and operates at a leisurely pace.

Sakau, as it is known on Pohnpei, or kava, as it is known throughout the rest of Polynesia, is made from the root of a shrub which yields a mildly narcotic substance when squeezed through hibiscus bark. There are several sakau bars where visitors can sample it and watch it being made.


• Sweet potatoes.
• Coconut.
• Fish (especially crabs and clams).
• Pork.

Things to know

Alcohol is prohibited on Chuuk (with the consequence that nearby islands are often used as picnic resorts).


Visitors to the country are seen as guests and hospitality is an honour in the culture. Therefore tips are neither encouraged nor expected.

Regional drinks

Sakau (a traditional drink used in ceremonies).
Fresh lime juice and water.

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