Copenhagen's Mirage Spa offers an indulgent day of pampering

Copenhagen has much to offer - fabulous architecture, a harbour so clean that you can swim in it, cool fashion brands, fabulous nightspots and wonderful restaurants. But one thing is missing in the Danish capital: a spa scene. When you factor in the cost of Danish labour, this deficiency becomes more understandable. However, all this is about to be remedied with the arrival of the Mirage Spa by Louisa Kaisen. Just don’t expect it to come cheap, says Ruth Styles.

First impressions?

I turned up on a Saturday morning, nursing a headache courtesy of those vodka and red bulls - and a matching hole in my bank balance – but found a pale-hued haven enlivened with unusual (for Denmark) Louis XIV-style furniture. Even better, it was warm – a welcome respite from the sub-zero temperatures outside on Rådhuspladsen. Displaying characteristic Scandinavian efficiency, I was whisked out of reception and into a treatment room within seconds, and was out of my clothes and tucked up under a towel within five minutes.

Ideal for….

Mirage Spa room CopenhagenThe Mirage Spa is a relaxing haven from Copenhagen's hustle and bustle
Mirage Spa

Situated just across the road from Copenhagen's City Hall, the Mirage Spa is a deluxe day spa attracting cool Copenhageners and a smattering of expats. Unsurprisingly, it’s not cheap, with treatments starting at DKK499 (approximately £56) for a 30-minute Jacuzzi session, although it’s worth pointing out that this does include fruit and drinks. In the Danish capital, the rule of thumb is that you generally get what you pay for. Ergo, you might shell out a considerable sum but you’ll get plenty in return. While this rule doesn’t apply to alcohol (the punishing taxes on booze means you can expect to pay around DKK 95/£10.70 for a single vodka and red bull), it does apply to the Mirage Spa.

The treatments

I had booked the Hana Kasumi (DKK 1199/£134.50); a Japanese-inspired treatment combining a full body massage with a scrub and a session in the Jacuzzi. The spa is geared up for couples so there were two couches in my treatment room, although there’s nothing to stop singletons giving it a go.

My Hana Kasumi began with an ultra-gentle scrub based on rice flour combined with yummy-smelling lotus and cherry blossom essential oils. It smelt glorious but it didn’t feel like a scrub. Where was the graininess? The sandpaper sensation? No matter, it seemed to do the trick and when I checked later on, my skin was certainly flake-free.

Mirage Spa woman CopenhagenEnjoy a post massage soak at the Mirage Spa
Mirage Spa

Next came the massage, which started with warm (bliss) oil being gently kneaded onto my legs. The back massage followed and was sensational – not only did it blitz my knotty shoulders, it also sent me to sleep, which in my book, is the hallmark of a good relaxing massage. I was woken up so the therapist could work on the front of my body, which, for anyone wary of the Scandinavian predilection for flashing the flesh in spas, involved a minimal amount of nudity. With the massage over, I should have headed to the Jacuzzi for my post-massage juice but in my hungover state, I’d managed to get my appointment time wrong by 10 minutes. No problem: I was ushered outside to a pile of comfortable cushions to drink my freshly squeezed orange in peace.

The experience

The Mirage Spa offers you a classic Scandinavian experience boosted by a shot of the practical luxury more often found in Paris. I received excellent service, a thoroughly proficient therapist and had a genuinely good time. I’d certainly go again, probably for the wonderful-sounding Cleopatra Spa, which combines a soothing milk bath with a full body massage. Like most things in Denmark, the Mirage Spa boasts top-notch service and quality – just don’t expect much change.


The Mirage Spa, Studiestræde 57, 1554 København V, Denmark
Tel: (45) 3333 9500.
Prices at the Mirage Spa by Louisa Kaisen start at DKK499 (£56) for a 30-minute Jacuzzi experience.

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