Editorial Features - Page 5

From the waterfalls of Selfoss, Iceland, to the Kepler Track in New Zealand, we pick our favourite 10 photos submitted by our Instagram followers this month.

A bombsite in Tel Aviv has become an unlikely stage for a free-spirited weekly soirée. But with developers at the door has the makeshift drumming ceremony reached its crescendo? Emilee Tombs investigates.

How will England be celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday? And what's the latest solution to falling asleep on public transport? Find out with our weekly travel quiz.

Though somewhat inconvenient, becoming a castaway needn’t be a harrowing experience. Heed the lessons of Alexander Selkirk, a sailor who survived alone on an islet for over four years. Jack Palfrey retells his tale.

Some of England’s oldest churches are now offering overnight stays. Our scribe, Arielle Witter, gives us the lowdown on “champing”.

John Malathronas retells the story of Ireland’s Rebecca O'Laoire, who went from dancing for pesos on Plaza Dorrego to become one of the best tango artistes in Argentina.

It was once described as an “apartheid dumping ground”, but Cape Town’s Langa Quarter has become one of the city’s most exciting and optimistic districts. Chris Clark witnesses the revolution.

From cheese rolling in the British countryside to unspoiled beaches in Costa Rica, we've got your May holiday ideas sorted.

Why did a scared lion make the news this week and what is London's newest adults-only attraction? Find out with our weekly travel quiz.

How can birdwatching solve a mysterious murder and what is Shakespeare to Africa? Find out by reading these terrific tomes.

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