Travel Feature Articles - Page 12

How inappropriate were the Women's Day celebrations in one Colombian town? And why are Breaking Bad fans causing a stir in New Mexico? Find out in our quiz.

A hitherto lost city was rediscovered in the Honduran jungle this week, prompting Gavin Haines to explore the world’s best abandoned cities.

Summer’s just around the corner, but why wait until then for a sunny sojourn? From jazz festivals in St Lucia to religious pilgrimages in Indonesia, we round up our top picks for a May getaway.

Rising temperatures and inconsistent snowfall turned some skiing vacations into hiking holidays this season, so is artificial snow the answer?

They inspire artists, provoke poets and generate $600bn a year through tourism, but are some of the world’s most cherished national parks under threat from fracking? Corinne Elliott investigates.

We explore Bristol, the European Green Capital for 2015, and find a world of innovation, ethical living and a bus run on poo.

Inter-railing around Europe has been a rite of passage for backpackers since the 1970s, but is its appeal waning? Our resident rail anorak, Gavin Haines, investigates.

Van Gogh came here to be a preacher and every year locals slay a dragon. Welcome to Mons, says Rudolf Abraham, European Capital of Culture 2015.

What happened when a wildlife photographer went to Rwanda and why is orgasmic meditation being touted as the next health craze? Find out in our weekly quiz.

We have always wondered what we would discover at the End of the World, so we sent Daniel Fahey to find out.

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