Places in Estonia

Estonia Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Estonia

Estonia has a long history of producing high-quality handicrafts including hand-knitted jumpers, carved wooden items and embroidered Muhu slippers, which are some of the best things to buy. This is not a place to purchase run-of-the-mill items and electronics as they tend to be more expensive than in western Europe.

In Tallinn, you can also find regional souvenirs and the prices are pretty standard throughout the country.

Shopping hours

Mon-Fri 1000-1800; some on Sat 1000-1700; department stores: daily 1000-2000.

Nightlife in Estonia

Tallinn is a favoured city break getaway for people all over Europe, especially Finns who come for cheaper alcohol (in comparison to Finland) and Brits who fly in for stag and hen nights. There is a wide range of restaurants, cafes and cosy bars, as well as livelier nightclubs that sometimes feature live bands. Socialising is at its most active between Thursday and Saturday, with most people heading to clubs open 2300-0300. For culture vultures in Tallinn, there is the Estonia National Opera (tel: +372 683 1201;, the Estonia Concert Hall (tel: +372 614 7700;, the Vanemuine Theatre (tel: +372 744 0165; and for children, the Nuku Puppet Theatre (tel: +372 667 9500; For further details on cultural events, contact the Estonian Institute (tel: +372 631 4355;

In the rest of the country, Tartu has a thriving bar and café scene, while the seaside resort of Pärnu gets going during the summer months with thousands of visitors from other parts of the country descending on the town.

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