Shopping in Dubrovnik

The Old Town is the place for shopping in Dubrovnik, though most of it is firmly geared towards the bountiful tourist trade with prices to match. A number of small shops hug the Stradun, but the warren of streets that break north and south from this main street offer more variety and, often, cheaper prices.

Key areas

Tourist-centred shops line the Stradun, the main street that joins the two main entrances to the Old Town. Among the best is Dubrovačka Kuća (Svetog Dominika 2) – which sells everything from souvenirs and paintings to fine Croatian wine.


The daily market on Gunduličeva Poljana in the Old Town sells tourist items such as lavender oil, candied orange peel (arancini), and table linens. It also has stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables.

Shopping centres

Shopping centres are located outside the Old Town in the city. DOC, located in Lapad, has lots of international brand clothes and shoe shops. Alternatively, a smaller shopping centre in the business district of Gruž, Mercante, offers around 20 stores.

Opening hours

Shops in Dubrovnik are generally open 0900-1900/2000, though opening times tend to be erratic and are limited in the winter months. Most shops open seven days a week.


There are a variety of souvenirs you can buy in Dubrovnik, including cravat ties, jewellery, lavender, handmade bags and clothes. Food lovers should also consider taking home local specialities such as olives, capers, candied orange and lemon peels (known as Arancini), truffle oils, brandies and herb or fruit liquors (Rakija).

Croatian wines also make excellent souvenirs. Famous red wines include Plavac Mali (bold and flavourful), and Dubrovnik Malvasija which is also called the nectar of the gods.

Pošip, Malvazija Istarska and Grk are popular white wines.

Tax information

The standard VAT rate in Croatia is 25%. 

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