Comoros Food and Drink

Comorian cuisine owes a lot to both Arab and French influences, creating a fusion of European classics with a Middle Eastern or East African twist that sees sauces spiced with cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and even vanilla poured over rice-based dishes.

Coconut milk is an important staple, alongside traditional African ingredients such as plantain, bananas and cassava. A typical Comorian meal will also include meat or fish. Goat is a popular meat, with beef reserved for special occasions. Locally-caught cod, crab and lobster, are all widely eaten.


Langouste a la vanille: Lobster boiled in a rich vanilla sauce.
Mkatra foutra: Fried unleavened bread made with coconut water.
Pilaou: Highly-spiced meat and rice dish.
Ambrevades au curry: Pigeon pea curry flavoured with cardamom.
M’tsolola: Fish and green plantains stewed in coconut milk.
Achard aux legumes: Lightly pickled vegetable salad.
Ntrovi ya nazi: Fried or steamed fish with cooking bananas and coconut stew.
Poutou: Hot sauce made with chilli peppers, tomato, onion and lemon.
Ladu: Balls of sweetened and spiced ground rice.
Mataba: Cassava leaves, used a little like spinach.
Roti ya ya Houma pampa: Cod with tomato and onion.

Things to know

There may be restrictions on drink within Muslim circles.


Normally 10%.

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