Things to do in Chiang Mai

Whip up some Pad Thai at a Thai cookery class

Thai food is famous the world over and at Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School (tel: +66 53 206 388; students can learn all aspects of preparation and cooking; from pastes to Pad Thais and visits to the market. Don’t forget to come packing a grumbling belly.

Empty your mind with a yoga and meditation session

Chiang Mai welcomes beginner and advanced yoga and meditation students with open arms and bended knee. Twist into shape at Namo (tel: +66 53 326 648; where you can pitch up for a single class or a 12-day immersion course.

Watch some Muay Thai

Grab a drink, sit back and get ready for some intense sparring matches at an authentic traditional Muay Thai fight. Watch at the Tha Pae Stadium ( and you’ll be close to enough to smell the blood. If you fancy a crack yourself, get ironed at Lanna Muay Thai Boxing Camp (

Shoot the breeze with a monk

Some of the temples in the city offer the pretty ace opportunity to take time out from your trip and get some face time with a monk. Wat Suan Dok (tel: +66 53 278 304) has ‘Monk Chat’ - its real name - between 1700-1900 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Be at one with the elephants

Approximately 90 minutes’ drive from Chiang Mai is the Elephant Nature Park (tel: +66 53 272 855;, a rescue and rehabilitation centre where visitors can observe the elephant preservation work being done. You can also spend up to a week volunteering, getting hands on and generally wondering how you're going to smuggle one through customs.

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