Shopping in Amman

Jordan is renowned for its handicrafts and you’ll find plenty of craft centres in Amman which stock high-quality items like coffee pots, candlesticks and handmade textiles. What’s more, you can often find goods made by women’s cooperatives and other socially-minded groups. With Western influences creeping indiscreetly into the city too, visitors don’t have to look far for designer boutiques and shiny shopping centres either.

Key areas

Amman is great for buying gold and jewellery, which is sold by weight. A good place to start is at the Gold Souk just off King Faisla Street. For specialist items like dried fruits, jewellery and hand-woven bags produced by rural craftswomen, head to Wild Jordan, Othman bin Affan Street, which is just off Rainbow Street below the First Circle (open 1000 until late). Other shops in the area selling quirky home decor and fine crafts are Bawabet al-Sharq and the Jordan River Foundation, located on or near Rainbow Street. Women at the Bani Hamida project work through the Jordan River Foundation to revive and sell traditional Bedouin weaving products.


The streets of downtown are full of little shops selling everyday items, some of which make excellent souvenirs. King Talal Street is the best place to start. Look for items like the traditional Turkish coffee services, Arab robes and keffiyeh (red-and-white-chequered headdresses).

Shopping centres

There are shopping malls like the Mecca Mall, on Mecca Street, the Airport Mall, south of the Seventh Circle on Airport Road, and Zara Shopping Centre, located behind the Grand Hyatt Amman.

Opening hours

Shopping hours in Amman are flexible but generally 0930-1330 and 1530-1800. Please note that shops close earlier during the month of Ramadan.


When you stumble across a tourist sight in the city, souvenirs are not far away. These can include anything from headdresses and local jewellery to sand art bottles.

Tax information

Most shops in tourist areas and established shopping malls offer sales tax refunds, valued at 16%, for non-Jordanians. Be sure to get a Premier Tax Free slip to claim your money back at the airport.

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