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Tromsø is the capital of Northern Norway and is an attractive, prosperous city with a lively student population (it boasts the world's most northerly university - and what is claimed as the most northerly brewery as well).

As Tromsø lies within the Arctic Circle, visitors can experience the beauty of 24-hour daylight between late May and July, and if they are very lucky, the awe-inspiring Northern Lights in winter.
If you're aboard a cruise ship arriving at the northern Norwegian port of Tromsø, you won't fail to be moved by its spectacular setting amid imposing mountains and pretty islands.


Most buildings in Tromsø are built of wood, and the brightly coloured houses jostle around the city centre, where the 1960s Arctic Cathedral is an outstanding feature against the backdrop of towering mountains. There is a good range of museums, and it's well worth going into the mountains for outstanding views.

• Tromsø Museum
• Tromsø Marine Aquarium
• Polar Museum
• Domkirke
• Storsteinen mountain cable car ride

Tourist information

Kirkegata 2
Tel: +47 7761 0000.

Shopping introduction

Norway is not a cheap destination, but you can find some bargains in the less specialised shops, particularly for general goods such as clothing. Star buys include knitwear, pewter, ceramics and glassware and traditional, handmade reindeer skin boots. Tax-free shopping is available, although a minimum purchase is necessary to qualify. You can claim partial VAT refunds on departure.


Tromsø is a lively city, well supplied with cafés, restaurants and bars, all of which offer snacks and light meals - seafood, fish and game, including succulent reindeer, are specialities here. For a snack pick up an open sandwich or hot pølse (sausage).

When to go

Tromsø has a moderate climate owing to the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Drift. Inland temperatures are more extreme with warm summers and often very cold winters (November to March). Rain is distributed throughout the year with frequent snowfalls during the winter.

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Transfer distance

3km (1.8 miles).

Transfer time

10 minutes.

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