Nesebur Travel Guide

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Dating back over 2,500 years, the former island city, now connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, and is notable for its array of Greek, Roman and Byzantine remains.

Although small, Nesebur is a treasure trove for those in search of historical interest, as well as a resort offering extensive beaches, considered among the finest in the region.
Rich in ancient monuments and one of the most visited tourist destinations on the Black Sea, the fascinating city and fishing port of Nesebur is a magnet for cruises visiting the region.


Nesebur's long history began in 510 BC with its founding by the Greeks, who were followed by the Romans and later the Byzantine empire, under whose rule it became an important trading port.

The focal point of interest for visiting cruise passengers is the compact Old Town. A remarkable number of churches are to be found here, together with impressive remains of fortifications from all periods.

• The Old Bishopric
• The New Bishopric
• Church of Saint John the Baptist
• Archaeological Museum
• Church of the Holy Archangels
• The historic Houses of Nesebur
• Town Gate

Tourist information

Tourism Centre
New Nesebur, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 554 45263.

Shopping introduction

Nesebur is characterised by its many street stalls and small shops dotted around the narrow cobbled streets. Local crafts figure high on the list for the cruise visitor seeking souvenirs, among them shoes and other leather goods, jewellery, pottery, Byzantine religious icons, needlework, hand-woven textiles, carpets and hand-crafted musical instruments. But do take time out from the shopping at one of the many cafes.


Eating out is cheap, and restaurants plentiful. Local favourites include peppers or aubergines stuffed with meat, kebapcheta (small, strongly spiced, minced meat rolls) and banitsa (a pastry stuffed with fruit or cheese).

When to go

Nesebur enjoys a moderate to warm, Mediterranean-style, climate, with lots of sunshine in summer - the short winter can bring rain, but is relatively mild. The sun shines on an average of 250 days yearly.

Nearest destination

Nesebur Town.

Transfer distance

2km (1.2 miles).

Transfer time

10 minutes.

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