From pristine beaches to kava, Fiji has lots to explore

After spending a month in Fiji on location for upcoming Status Quo movie Bula Quo, actress Laura Aikman tells us Fiji's best islands, where to watch the sun go down and gives tips on tasting the island's infamous kava drink.

There are different islands for different things. We went to Bounty Island (where they filmed Celebrity Love island) for a party one night. They do overnight parties where they ferry you out to the island and do a barbecue and drinks and everything. So that’s a good one for a party atmosphere. My favourite was Plantation Island where we went on a boat trip one day. We just got off at this bar which was right on the water, and really beautifully decorated. Then as the sun went down they put these fairy lights lighting the place up.

In Nadi Town there’s this amazing market which is in the film, where you can get fresh fruit, fresh food and it’s really busy, really buzzing, absolutely packed. Sadly when we were there, a lot of the shops had been destroyed. But there was a brilliant restaurant called Dai Koku where they do teppanyaki right in front of you and everyone sits round the grill. And then Traveller’s bar where we used to go a lot with the crew because that’s where they were staying, was right on the water and you could just sit out and have a drink.
Vita Levu

I’m totally biased because I did it in the same place every night, which was where we were staying at the Radisson. There’s a little bar there with a patio which was just overlooking the sea and I used to sit out there every night with Rick Parfitt and Craig Fairbrass and my boyfriend and just have a glass of wine. But anywhere near the water, which is pretty much everywhere, is great, it’s so beautiful.
Resort Drive, Denarau Island, Viti Levu

The stunt guys did this thing which I was really jealous of. They went swimming with sharks at a place called Pacific Harbour. They got to go scuba diving and you see in the film they’re surrounded by these massive sharks and fish. It looked incredible, so I was really jealous about that. I would definitely say if you’re going, that’s something you should do.
Vita Levu, Fiji

They have this drink called kava, which is where they grind the root of this vegetable so when you drink it, it kind of numbs your mouth and it’s supposed to have hallucinogenic qualities - which I didn’t experience. They grind it up for you and put it in a bucket and then serve it to you out of a little kava coconut. It totally chills you out. All the locals drink it, and the crew used to drink it all the time, and we were like, why is everyone so chilled out here? And I think the answer is this kava drink. It tastes like muddy water. When the film crew went over they had to do the ceremony with the locals as a mark of respect, so if anyone makes you do it, just make sure you don’t say tidal wave, because they give you options of like different sized waves. Whatever you do, just don’t have a tidal wave portion.

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