Celebrate Victory Day in Moscow on 9 May

With summer right around the corner, May is the time to travel before the peak tourist season. The picturesque beaches of Corfu, Boston's cobble-stoned streets and Himalayan heights in Nepal are just a few suggestions for your next holiday.

For the beach bum…

Short Haul: Corfu, Greece

Canal d Amour CorfuGo for a romantic swim in Canal d' Amour
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Jet off to the Ionian island of Corfu this May before the summertime partiers start to trickle in next month. Temperatures are in the mid-20s°C (mid-70s°F), perfect for lounging on one of Corfu’s serene beaches. For a total island escape, head to the sleepy village of Agios Gordios where its 1km-long (0.6 miles) sandy beach is nestled below verdant slopes of cypresses and olive groves. For a less reclusive stay, check out the resort town of Sidari where you’ll have your pick from three beaches and countless tavernas and restaurants at its centre. Nearby is the picture-perfect Canal d’Amour where, according to myth, lovers who swim in its waters will be granted lasting love. Make sure to spend time in Corfu Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where Venetian, French and British influences still remain.

Long Haul: St. Kitts and Nevis

The Caribbean islands of St. Kitts and Nevis are perfect for a luxurious getaway where unspoilt beaches, exquisite nature and spa retreats are all guarantees. Stay at a hotel along Frigate Bay on St. Kitts where the beach faces north to the Atlantic Ocean. Rent a car and travel about the island to secluded beaches such as Sandy Bank and Turtle Bay. Take in a view of Nevis whilst lazing at Cockleshell Bay, 3km (2 miles) of white sandy beach. Hop on a 45 minute ferry ride to Nevis – an island of rainforests and sugar plantation ruins. Here you can visit the nearly private Lovers Beach or snorkel at Gallow’s Bay. If the less-trotted Nevis is more your scene, then choose from a selection of centuries-old plantations that have been converted into hotels.

For the culture seeker…

Short Haul: Moscow, Russia

Decamp to the billionaire’s playground of Moscow this May to see the city bloom into spring. The Russian capital is home to 100 parks and gardens such as the popular Izmailovsky Park where Peter the Great spent his childhood. Make a visit to Red Square top priority before carving out downtime to stroll along Izmailovsky’s large pond and village market. At 700m (2,300ft) long, Red Square is a vast public space that once was a medieval slum and the centre of Soviet military parades. Towering above the square are the fortified walls of the Kremlin – the heart of tsarist and communist governments, and now the official residence of Russia’s president. Join the queue below the Kremlin to see the embalmed body of Vladimir Lenin laid to rest in a granite mausoleum. Moscow’s most recognisable sight is the colourful St Basil’s Cathedral with its ornate, onion-shaped domes. Don’t miss Victory Day (9 May) when Muscovites celebrate the Nazi defeat of WWII with a military parade through Red Square and a fireworks show at night.

Long Haul: Boston, USA

Boston Beacon Hill Wander Beacon Hill
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The hub of academia and New England culture – Boston is sure to please history buffs, foodies and sports fans. At 4km (2.5 miles) long, marked in a red line on Boston’s streets, the Freedom Trail takes you to 16 landmarks of the American Revolution. Join a guided tour or follow the trail at your own pace. Take a morning stroll along the Charles River Esplanade to see sail boats and ducks float by before wandering through the posh streets of Beacon Hill. Indulge your intellect across the river in Cambridge to explore Harvard University’s magnificent grounds. Make sure to come to Boston with an appetite. Try classic clam chowder at the Union Oyster House where President John F. Kennedy often dined in a hidden booth. At night make a beeline to Pizzeria Regina in the Italian North End for exceptional Neapolitan-style pies, but leave room for a sugar-dusted cannoli from Mike’s Pastry. For the true Bostonian experience, catch a Red Sox game at Fenway Park where you can join in on the frenzy of chants and sloshing beers.

For the adventure lover…

Short Haul: Azores, Portugal

Forming an archipelago of nine islands in the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores are home to volcanic mountains and caves, stunning coastal cliffs and preserved landscapes. In May, expect sunny days and an average temperature of 17°C (63°F), perfect for the myriad activities the islands have to offer. Hike along crater lakes and hot springs on the island of Sao Miguel, or embark on an 8km (4 miles) trek to a caldera lookout point on Faial. Best of all, every island has multiple trails suited for beginners to advanced hikers. Scale canyons on Flores and paraglide high above the breathtaking terrains. Animal lovers can go horseback riding, scuba dive with yellowmouth barracudas at the Dori shipwreck site and capture sights of whales, dolphins and over 200 bird species.

Long Haul: Nepal

Nepal Himalayas Trek the Himalayas
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Brave the sweltering heat and venture to Nepal this month before the monsoon season rips through the South Asian country from June to September. Nepal is home to eight out of 14 of the world’s highest mountains of over 8,000m (27,000ft) including the monstrous Mt. Everest. Extreme adventurers can climb to thrilling heights, trek through routes in the Everest region, bunjee jump near the Tibet border or tackle rock walls in the Nagarjun Forest north of Kathmandu. If your legs need a break from all this exertion, then take a mountain flight to the Himalayan peaks. For a change of scenery, embark on a Terai jungle safari in a national park where you can encounter one-horned rhinoceroses, snow leopards and Royal Bengal tigers. 

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