Lapped by the Black Sea, rippling with picturesque mountains and rich in fascinating history and folklore, Bulgaria deserves serious consideration as a summer destination.


The national airline is Bulgaria Air (website:, which flies from Sofia to London and other European cities. The country's main airport is Sofia (website:

Why now?

Bulgaria enjoys a balmy climate in summer. The country's festivals are also most frequent during June and July. Two of the most spectacular are the Festival of Roses in Kazanluk (website: and the Opera Festival, which stages performances in Plovdiv's Roman amphitheatre (website:


Discover the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Turkish architectural styles of the capital Sofia, especially the stunning gold-leaf domed Nevski Memorial Church, the sixth-century St Sofia and the Museum of Archaeology nearby. Outside the city, explore more of Bulgaria's UNESCO-listed treasures, including the perfectly preserved fourth-century murals in the Thracian Kazanluk Tomb, the Sveshtari Tomb near Razgrad and the Ivanovo Rock Monasteries near Rousse.


Swim in the Black Sea: The glorious coastline has over 370km (232 miles) of coastline, with sandy beaches and dozens of resorts. Highlights include the busy Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, picturesque Albena, historical Nesebar, cultural and historical city of Varna, and the Mediterranean ambience of port city Bourgas.


Expect your plate to overflow with fresh salads and modestly priced fruit as well as some hearty cooked fare. Amongst other treats, menus are filled with spicy meat casseroles, stuffed vine leaves, potato dishes, beans, meat rolls, moussaka and white-cheese pastries. National specialities include the cold cucumber, walnut and yoghurt soup tarator, and kavarma (casserole of pork or veal, onions and mushrooms). Bulgaria also boasts many home-grown wines, and such potent liquors as mastika (aniseed spirit, usually diluted) and rakia (local brandy).

Did you know?

Bulgaria claims one the world's earliest known writing systems. Engraved tablets, displaying an ancient form of hieroglyphics estimated to be around 6,000 years old, have emerged over recent years and are currently undergoing further study.

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