Feeling intrepid? China's new glass bridge sways with the wind

From a dog surfing contest in France to a swaying glass bridge in China, we round up the week’s quirkiest travel stories.

South Africa: Nudists left hanging over beach decision

Naturists faced stiff opposition in South Africa this week, failing to make a case for a nudist beach in Ugu District.

A decision on the controversial application was postponed by the local authorities, leaving naturists hanging.

"I don’t want my grandchildren looking at people’s dangling bits,” one opponent told IOL News.

However, supporters claim a naturist beach could provide a big lift for local tourism.

One optimistic nudist said: “The Germans, French and Scandinavians are big on natural swimming and sunbathing. They’ll come in big numbers and bring millions of euros with them.”

England: Clacton gets tourist attraction… then destroys it

Banksy's latest mural was erased from Clacton-on-SeaBanksy's latest mural was erased from Clacton-on-Sea

Fans will traverse continents to see an original Banksy, but the street artist’s latest work has been removed by council workers after it was deemed “offensive and racist”.

The authorities in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex have since come under fire themselves for ‘missing the point’ and destroying what could have been a welcome tourist attraction.

Far from being racist, the sardonic street artist’s latest mural was thought to be a statement against the right-wing UK Independence Party, which looks set to win its first seat in Parliament next week when the town holds a by-election.

“I can’t believe it’s gone already,” said local resident, Rebecca Bennett, in an interview with The Times. “I am gutted. Seems a bit of an own goal by the council as it would have been a massive tourist attraction.”

China: World’s scariest attraction? Swaying glass bridge opens

If you get a kick from living life on the edge, you may have heard of (or tried?) some of China’s most terrifying attractions, like Mount Huashan’s narrow wooden plank path or Tianmen Mountain’s cliffside glass walkway.

Well, here’s another one for you. A new glass suspension bridge 180m (590ft) above the ground in Pingjiang, southern China.

The vertigo-inducing structure stretches 300m (984ft) between two peaks but is different from the Tianmen Mountain glass walkway in that it actually sways when the wind blows. Queasy yet?

“I had to go back when it started to move,” said Yun Ku, one of the first to cross the glass bridge. “I thought I was going to just melt on the spot. My legs wouldn’t work.”

France: Dogs ride waves at Europe's first dog surfing contest


Dozens of fearless canines took to the water on Sunday to compete in Europe’s first dog surfing competition. Yes, dogs can surf.

Held on France’s Vieux-Boucan Beach near Biarritz, the unusual contest saw dogs of all shapes and sizes compete in two categories – surfing with and without their owners – to be crowned ‘best surf dog’, a coveted prize won by new local celebrity dog Al.

Special dog trainers were on hand to help first-time surf pooches get to grips with the new sport, while curious onlookers couldn’t help smiling at the cute sight of dogs confidently riding the waves. Just watch the video.

Singapore: $18,400 flight makes life suite

If you need proof social injustice is alive and well then Singapore Airlines' Suites Class is it.

This week Derek Low, an internet pseudo-celebrity, documented his trip on a Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to New York at a whopping cost of $18,400 (£11,450), which equates to around $1,000 an hour.

For this sky-high price, passengers are provided with a private cabin room that includes a double bed, complimentary meals – with dishes such as Baked Boston Lobster and Duck Foie Gras – and a bottle of Salvatore Ferragamo aftershave.

So next time you’re cramped into an economy seat on a Singapore Airlines flight, just think, there’s probably 10 or so empty double beds only a few meters away from you. 

IrelandThe big Ryanair cover up

No frills airline: 2015 marks the end of the racy calendarNo frills airline: 2015 marks the end of the racy calendar

Scandal, embezzlement, corruption? Not quite, but the low-cost airline Ryanair has caused a stir by announcing it won't be producing its much loved bikini calendar this year.

The annual calendar, which features female cabin staff dressed in bikinis and posed provocatively, is a big hit with consumers, raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity each year.

However, the calendar has been a bit of a boob for the airline, being branded sexist, demeaning and discriminatory by objectors, leading to the 2015 edition being scrapped.

England: Comic shows comic lack of direction

Did you here the one about the comedian who turned up at the wrong venue? That’s what happened to British funny man, Seann Walsh, this week. Rather than entertaining a packed arena in Hertford, the comic rolled up to an empty theatre in Hereford some 150 miles away.

“Hertford! I regret to inform you that tonight's show is cancelled due to me arriving at Hereford, near Wales. I am so sorry. Please feel free to tweet me abuse,” he said on Twitter.

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