Corn Island Travel Guide

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The Corn Islands offer a taste of the Caribbean as it was before many of the other islands became over-developed and expensive. These islands off the coast of Nicaragua make an ideal stop-off to soak up the laid-back atmosphere and discover paradise at its most natural.The coast is littered with shipwrecks from explorers, pirates and buccaneers of yesteryear. These, together with the abundance of marine life and coral reefs, make it an excellent destination for scuba divers. The interior offers other eco-tourism adventures amid the thick vegetation of the subtropical forests.
White sand beaches, palm trees, verdant forests and crystal clear seas await visitors from cruise ships.


There are two Islas de Maíz - Little Corn Island and Big Corn Island. Most tourists from cruise ships will experience the larger of the two islands, which has the larger settlements and better tourist facilities.Both islands are reasonably small and it is possible to explore on foot or by bike, although there are buses and taxis on Big Corn. Actual places to visit are thin on the ground - most people come here for the natural landscape and outdoor attractions. Most will be happy to wander around, laze on one of the idyllic beaches, take a boat trip or enjoy a drink in one of the beachside reggae bars.

• Long Bay
• Mount Pleasant Tower
• Spanish Galleon
• Bottle House (cultural centre)

Tourist information

Instituto Nicaragüense De Turismo
Hotel Crowne Plaza, 1c Sur, 1c. Oeste, Managua, Nicaragua
Tel: +505 254 5191.

Shopping introduction

Shopping is local and low key in the Corn Islands. A number of traders now cater for passing tourists and sell handicrafts, local art, jewellery and souvenir T-shirts.


There are plenty of places to pick up a snack on the islands. The coco bread here is delicious, while the beach bars and restaurants serve unpretentious food. But don't expect fast food here as service is very laid-back. The official meal of the Corn Islands is a RunDown (a fish and coconut stew).

When to go

The islands enjoy a tropical climate with hot days around 30°C. But there is some respite thanks to the cooling sea breeze. May to September are considered the rainy months when downpours are likely.

Nearest destination

Big Corn Island.

Transfer distance

1.5km (0.9 miles).

Transfer time

5-10 minutes.

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