World Travel Atlas iPad App: FREE Version - New Product!

Get the free version of the World Travel Atlas App to browse all the information and maps of South America, and to scroll through the maps of Africa, and then upgrade to the Premium version to be able to use all the resources of this comprehensive atlas for every country in the world. Designed specifically for the iPad, the World Travel Atlas App is a comprehensive collection of clear, accurate maps and up-to-date country fact files in an easy-to-use, interactive format. Brimming with useful information written by experts, our fact files are packed with details about countries, from economic to geographic. Maps: Travel the world with a sweep of your hand, and pinch to zoom in on a city or country, and then flip up a mini fact box with photographs, add details such as local airports, latest weather and exchange rates. Our maps are synced through Wi-Fi and 3G connections to offer the latest updated information. Useful boxes of information on each country deliver bags of practical facts for travellers about to visit, including details on internet, telephone, and media. Activate detailed city, airport and event information onto the fully interactive world map with easy-to-use filters. Fact files: Browse through categories ranging from people, wealth and climate to world heritage sites. Save maps you use regularly to your library, so you can find them again easily.
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