World Travel Atlas 10th Edition

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Current statistics tell us that as many as 54% of British children cannot point to Canada on a map.

In the modern society we live in can we really be sure that when our children watch the news and hear of events unfolding in far off countries that they really know where the country or province in question is? Today, we are more integrated and multi cultural then ever before, so it is even more important that we help our children learn and understand more about the world around them.

Geography is not just a problem for the young. Most adults are unable to name the capital of Australia let alone quote the current population of the UK or the most widely spoken language of the world. The World Travel Atlas can help you with all these questions and many more besides.

With over 400 specialist maps and thousands of facts and figures on all the countries of the world including economic activity and carbon dioxide emissions, the World Travel Atlas is one of the most comprehensive and educational books on the market. However, Geography is more than knowing capitals and continents it is about gaining insight into cultures and religions as well as knowing how people and places all interrelate.

Maps on the freedom of the press around the world and where the weapons of mass destruction are located will help both you and your children gain a wider, more informed knowledge of the world as it evolves and develops. Historical maps show you what the Vikings conquered and the extent of Napoleon's Empire, while modern day maps show you the countries with the highest number of internet subscribers.

The World Travel Atlas is a must for any home; use it to help your child with their homework or to plan your next family trip. This really is the book that has it all.



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